Subscribe to RSS Button for Blog

One of the essential tools for the bloggers is the RSS Feed which allow the readers to get the latest blog articles without visiting their favorite blogs and website. Services like Feedly allow the users to subscribe to multiple RSS Feeds from different websites and read all the latest news in one place.

The old generation of the RSS Feeds indicate with an orange color button or image with RSS icon on the left side and on the right side, it indicated the RSS and the version to let the readers know the news are in which format and version. But with the help of new services like Feedly and other mobile and desktop apps, it doesn’t matter anymore. Continue reading


Hello WordPress

As a developer I was always wanted to develop my own blogging system and start blog about technology news and share interesting stories. But lack of time and bunch of excuses didn’t let it get completed yet. So I decided to use WordPress for awhile until I can integrate it with my own in-progress blogging system.

These days there are lots of different blogging, news and social websites and services on the web. Taking advantage of social network’s power to promote and spread the news is very important but choosing the right tool is more important. That’s why I decided to combine the best of these services to achieve the best result and engage the right audience.