Discover My Apps Hackathon

Discover My Apps 2014 Hackathon

In case you missed the Discover My Apps Hackathon event which happened last weekend at Telekom Malaysia Convention Center (TMCC) sponsored by Microsoft Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia, Digital Media Prima, Multimedia Development Company (MDeC), Macro Kiosk, MakeWeekend and many other companies and organizations. The event started officially on Friday 29th of November around 6pm by crew briefing and development environment setup by the volunteer groups and Telekom Malaysia staffs.

I’ve joined the event on Saturday morning with couple of friends and made the late team registration and officially entered the Hackathon by name of “ShadowZ”. The ShadowZ team was consist of the main developer which I took it myself and gets the lead of the team and the designer role taken by Evelyn Wei (Tew Sheau Wei) and Charine (Tew Hui Enn) helped during the Hackathon with refreshments and foods.

Starting of the Hackathon was not as quiet as you may think; it started with an exciting music performed by local musicians while I was walking around to meet the friends who weren’t in touch for quite some time and meeting some of the sponsors and partners. One of the most exciting parts of any events or Hackathons is the chance to meet the people with bright ideas and amazing skills.

Discover MY Apps Trophy

Discover MY Apps Trophy

Microsoft has come up with awesome cool ideas to entertain the participants during the Hackathon. One of my favorites was throwing darts every time teams finish each stage of the development to get prizes like Starbucks Drinks and Local Foods. The other cool idea was the Hackathon Trophy which you only could get it if you can reach the milestone faster than others. After few hours of our presence in the Hackathon, the first team claims the Trophy by finishing their first milestone but after not long the team finished the first prototype development and claimed the Hackathon Trophy. By far, it was one of the achievements of the ShadowZ team to claim and hold the Hackathon Trophy for more than 24 hours to the end of the event without leaving any room for other teams to get it back.

Windows Store Submission Process

Windows Store Submission Process

Although our team joined the Hackathon on the second day’s morning, but the first application development was almost ready by the evening with the hard work of the team. After checking the Microsoft Certification requirements, we prepare to upload the application package to the Microsoft Store. The first step of the certification is Pre-processing which usually takes one hour and after that the Security test of the application takes around three hours which basically would apply for the applications with login system and involved with personal and confidential information. After passing the security tests, they will check on the technical parts of the application and it would takes around 6 hours and finally, reviewing the content of the application which can takes up to 5 days from the submission of the app. After that it’s the matter of couple hours for the application to be published worldwide to the Windows Store.

After submission of the first application and starting of the night, we had decided to start the development of the second and third application in the same time so we can save time by reducing the redundant work has to be done for each application. The trick was to assign each of the remaining applications to each member of the team, so by middle of the night we would have the basics of the apps and while everyone fall asleep at the night, we would take the advantage and finish the development of the apps by the morning. Base on my personal experience of participating Hackathons, most of the people feel frustrated after a day, but we had the advantage of getting use to the this experience and use the time after midnight to work harder and push our limits.

Coke Powers the Code

Coke Powers the Code

One of the good experiences during every Hackathon is when the other participants get to know you and your skills and when they are facing problems, they come to seek help.  I was so glad that I was able to help couple of teams to solve the frustrating issues they had with their application development. Not to say that their skills was not enough to solve their own problem, as some of the teams had high knowledge about the technical stuff but as it was their first experience with Windows 8 platform, they had lack of information about designing and developing apps for Windows 8. I had an honor to work with Microsoft and Microsoft partners which gave me the opportunity to learn the guidelines of the application development on Microsoft platforms especially on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

It was a great experience to meet the brilliant people and take about the ideas and possibilities during the breaks after midnights. It was interesting in a way that they were frustrated, tired and sleepy but they were so excited to discuss their ideas and get feedback.

Feel free to download and review the following apps published to the Windows Store and available on ARM, x86 (32 bits) and x64 (64 bits) architects.

Malaysia TV Guide

Malaysia TV Guide on Windows Store

Malaysia TV Guide on Windows Store

Route 2 Penang

Route 2 Penang on Windows Store

Malaysia TV Guide on Windows Store


QR clock is unreadable by humans and computers alike


The clock is a perfect technology. For just a few dollars, you can buy a digital wristwatch and chronometer able to keep extremely accurate time for years without winding a spring or replacing a battery. Anything ‘improvement’ on the design of a clock only makes it harder to read, a feature exploited by the very 1337 binary clocks we see from time to time. [Ch00f] decided it was time to give way to the march of progress and build a completely unreadable clock. He came up with a QR code clock that is unreadable by humans and cellphones alike.

The hardware is built around nine 8×8 LED matrix panels resulting in a 24 x 24 pixel display, perfect for displaying a 21 pixel square QR code. The LED drivers are a standard multiplexed affair, but this project really shines in the firmware department.

The microcontroller [Ch00f] used – an ATMega328 –…

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Halo: Spartan Assault

Few weeks ago after E3 2013, Microsoft announced that they are working on a new Halo game but this time not for their popular game console Xbox 360, but for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices. After all the successful series of Halo game for Xbox, not it’s the turn to try the new platforms and make the game to next level and experience the power of mobile devices. That would be enough said about the history of the Halo games, now its time to check the final result and the game itself.


Halo: Spartan Assault Developed by 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios

The new game is called “Halo: Spartan Assault” which is available right now for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices on Marketplace from today. If you are expecting this game to be an amazing first-person shooter (FPS).
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Bang with Friends removed from App Store

If you’ve heard about the growing and to be super popular app called “Bang with Friends” which helps you to find date from you Facebook friends, got removed from App Store. The app was just published a week ago by the name “BWF Official”. Apple has not responded regarding this, but as you may know they have a long history of banning and removing apps without any notice.

Source: CNET

Ultimate Viber for Windows Phone

Ultimate Viber for Windows Phone

If you never heard of an application called Viber, you may miss a lot in your social life and communicating with your friends and family. Viber is a very popular messaging application which is available for most of mobile platforms including Windows Phone. As Windows Phone comes to the competition late, Viber Media Inc was working hard to port the first application for the platform and as they were making voice calls available for Windows Phone version, they released Viber Messenger only with messaging functionality.

It comes to my attention that if you installed Viber Messenger first on your Windows Phone device, you may face some issues with latest Viber version. I was experiencing the problem without knowing the reason until recently I discover the cause and the solution. If you are wondering what error is that, after you try to setup your Viber account, it comes with an error saying “Viber service is currently unavailable or being blocked”. What I’m thinking is, when first you install the Viber Messenger, it will lock the Viber service to the application and it denies the access from any other application.
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SkyDrive for Xbox 360

Yesterday, Microsoft announced brand new SkyDrive app for Xbox 360 which brings your photos and videos from the cloud to your living room. SkyDrive for Xbox 360 is able to work seamlessly to bring every photo, video, movies and any other files from SkyDrive from Windows, Web and even your smartphone and make it available on your Xbox-connected TV.

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Hello WordPress

As a developer I was always wanted to develop my own blogging system and start blog about technology news and share interesting stories. But lack of time and bunch of excuses didn’t let it get completed yet. So I decided to use WordPress for awhile until I can integrate it with my own in-progress blogging system.

These days there are lots of different blogging, news and social websites and services on the web. Taking advantage of social network’s power to promote and spread the news is very important but choosing the right tool is more important. That’s why I decided to combine the best of these services to achieve the best result and engage the right audience.