Windows Phone Rapid Application Development with App Studio

In past couple of years with increasing of popularity of Windows Phone mobile operating system and increasing the number of the developers in the community, the competition with other mobile platform get more serious than before. Even though, the application development on Windows Phone platform is much easier than other mobile platforms, It doesn’t stop Microsoft from making the app development more easier, faster and even make it available to those who does not have programming background and may not be familiar to application development.

In 2013, Microsoft created web-based solution to ease the application development called Windows App Studio which allow the developers to create their application in few simple steps. The most important thing is, if you are not even experienced, you can follow Microsoft’s guide on how to use the App Studio where it has the step by step guide on how to use different features of App Studio to create useful and informative applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

I had the honor to get invited by Microsoft Malaysia to conduct the first Windows Phone rapid application development (RAD) in the region and train the students and professionals on how to speed up their development by using the App Studio. In past few weeks, I was grateful to have more than 100 participants and enthusiastic people how were interested in developing applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. Continue reading