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Nowadays there are many services and application designed for the power users in every category. Among all these communities, the music industry is one of the most profitable and biggest with lots of power users who are willing to spend for vary range of tools, apps and services for music streaming, scrobbling and music sharing.

In year 2002, one of the first services launched in United Kingdom to let the users keep track of the history of music they listened to over the time from different platforms like their personal computers to their portable music player devices. The music enthusiastic loved the service but after the long period with lack of music streaming service there were some drawbacks.

Not so many years after, another music service launched in year 2008 and it was firstly available in United States which had the licensing contracts with record labels to offer free music streaming services, which you guessed it right, it’s Spotify. Everyone loves listening to their favorite music everywhere with their music player, smart phone or even their personal computer for free. Continue reading