Ultimate Viber for Windows Phone

Ultimate Viber for Windows Phone

If you never heard of an application called Viber, you may miss a lot in your social life and communicating with your friends and family. Viber is a very popular messaging application which is available for most of mobile platforms including Windows Phone. As Windows Phone comes to the competition late, Viber Media Inc was working hard to port the first application for the platform and as they were making voice calls available for Windows Phone version, they released Viber Messenger only with messaging functionality.

It comes to my attention that if you installed Viber Messenger first on your Windows Phone device, you may face some issues with latest Viber version. I was experiencing the problem without knowing the reason until recently I discover the cause and the solution. If you are wondering what error is that, after you try to setup your Viber account, it comes with an error saying “Viber service is currently unavailable or being blocked”. What I’m thinking is, when first you install the Viber Messenger, it will lock the Viber service to the application and it denies the access from any other application.

To fix this issue, you are required to uninstall the Viber Messenger and install the latest version of Viber on your Windows Phone device. In the end, I’m not concluding this issue as an absolute problem across all Windows Phone devices, but it may occur as result of access confliction in Viber service.


Viber for Windows Phone

Download Viber from Windows Phone Marketplace


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