SkyDrive for Xbox 360

Yesterday, Microsoft announced brand new SkyDrive app for Xbox 360 which brings your photos and videos from the cloud to your living room. SkyDrive for Xbox 360 is able to work seamlessly to bring every photo, video, movies and any other files from SkyDrive from Windows, Web and even your smartphone and make it available on your Xbox-connected TV.


SkyDrive for Xbox 360 is designed to satisfy the needs of people and provide the best experience for your living room. The followings are the primary scenarios tried to be improved by this new app.

  1. Shared photos and videos. Sharing your photos and videos with friends or family and view it together on your TV brings amazing experience to your living room.
  2. Snap and see. The Windows Phone user, can snap a picture and share it on your SkyDrive and see it immediately on your big screen.
  3. Party slide show. You can arrange your photos to play as slide show on your TV for some special occasions and parties for your friends and family.

One of the most amazing features built into the SkyDrive app for Xbox 360 supports Kinect voice controls and gestures as well as remove and controller input which means you can view your photos and videos by talking to your Xbox. Take note that the Kinect voice controls is not available in all the languages and it may be limited to few right now.

To make the SkyDrive available on your Xbox you need to make sure your Xbox Live account is Gold Membership and…

  1. Login to your Xbox Live account with Gold Membership
  2. Go to Apps, and select Browse Apps
  3. In Social category, select SkyDrive
  4. Download SkyDrive app

The download size for current SkyDrive app is 105.93 MB and after downloading you are required to login with your Microsoft Account in order to view your SkyDrive files on your Xbox 360.

Source: SkyDrive comes to Xbox 360: Your photos and videos on the TV


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